2d logo morphing animation, pt2

Managed to create new transitions for the 2d morphing animation, still a lot to do.

Edited (June, 2020):

I’ve been working in other projects for the past 3 years, mainly development, having to study, etc takes all the time and unfortunately this project hasn’t been completed; Now imagine what I could’ve done with 10% of the time I waste keeping up with software development? Even though, we spend our lifes studying tech, there’s this weird tech culture that has no respect for people’s personal time, if you get a job opportunity you need to spend weeks doing technical tests and talking with people that already made their mind and are literally just wasting your time. Yeh, I call it the Tinder generation!

Never lose the chance to work on your own ideas! Try not to waste time proving things to other people. You only live once!

The last frame I drew was back in March, 2018. Decided to leave this update here as a reference for myself at least…

There are a few things I’d have to amend such as the transition between the character transformed into a ball, that rotates and becomes an eye, the positions are not right. Anyway, it was completely improvised on the spot, some drawings I picked from my original doodles/sketches but…yeh…just impro’

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