Testing the Teenage Engineering OP1

Testing the Teenage Engineering OP-1, but seems that I’m not going to keep this one.

I’ve been looking for a small portable sampler to use while commuting to work, or during downtimes; as most of my time is spent studying computer development and shit like that is a complete waste of life […] but unfortunately the dev world is a bug itself and to keep up with everything you just end up not having a life. On top of this, I’ve realised that instead of cycling for work, which for me is great and been doing it for a long time now everyday, rain or not; instead cyling, use public transports and use the time to sketch some songs!? Not sure it’s practical. But one thing is for sure, some of my drawings I do it during lunch; I usually like to invite people to go for lunch but I find that most English colleagues prefer to stay on their desks and eat meal deals from Tesco - Tesco is a Supermarket in Britain; I’d rather work from home and save the commute time; there’s so many useless meetings…so pointless, but yeh.

The built quality of the OP-1 is an absolutely dream, it uses the same material the airplanes use; the buttons don’t seem to be very suitable for playing though! The user interface is funny, but maybe not for me; it tries to emulate odl school videogames and interface; spectrum like :)

What I did like is the radio option, and I could use it to sample! That’s awesome but unfortunately it doesn’t have time stretching as you can notice in the demo I provided. Otherwise, I’d definitely keep it!

I’ll probably sell it for very cheap, as these sell for £700 new, probably go for £500, used it five times max maybe?!

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