DIY Ceiling lights

Bombaclat! Just finished my DIY Ceiling lights!

Unfortunately the vintage light bulbs came damaged, but ain’t nobody got time for that so I’m using normal ones for the moment ^ ^

Ceiling lights

I had to interrupt my recent half pipe bed frame project for a few days for reasons that I can’t control, so I decided to add a new feature on this join!

So, I’m going to add a fuckin’ remote controlled dimmer to the light switch, so I don’t have to move my skinny ass to switch this on and off. Plus, I can always set the light level to get a different mood and shizzles.

In a few months I’m going to add another feature on top of this, I’ll attach it to a Arduino and attach multiple points and maybe have a hybrid app or just a local address with a basic interface to control all this shizzle on my phone browser. Last year I did some research on the Web Audio Api, so I’m able to actually synchronize the light levels by the input. How cool will that be ? Holla : )

  • the other guys just sent the replacement lights and I got some extra free for compensation. We agreed on changing the light type as the others were really massive and hard to ship and keep it intact as they were super fragile and shit

Let’s see how it goes!

Light bulbs

Nailed it! 😃

I’m now thinking maybe add some sound effects when the light goes on and off ? Like PZZZZEEEEEWWWWWWWOOOOMMMMMMMMMMmmmm and then lower mute..and then when turning off WAAAAAOOOOMMMMmmmmmm then lower mute ?! humm

I’ve been working really hard, non stop since I moved. I still go out and socialise every time but I’ve been amazing managing all my projects and responsibility. I hope to finish my half pipe bed frame project soon. Because there’s more to come


This how it all started (random comments and thoughts from original facebook posts):

Picked stuff from the hardware supa store for my DIY ceiling chandelier. Here’s the sketch that I’ll start building from now! Let’s see how this shizzle goes! Bombaclat!!!!

Work in progress

I promised myself to go to sleep earlier but did some more progress and just need to wire, place the lights holders, the big vintage bulbs, clean it and it’s ready to go! I’ll get back to this project Wednesday : )

Finish mount

Gosh… no can do. The light bulbs came damaged : (

Dead lamps

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