Dub sirens

I’ve been doing some circuit-bending for awhile, and sometimes I try to create my own circuits and stuff - all safe no worries, I use batteries and don’t plug things onto the main socket.

Here’s the latest version of my Dub Sirens; I’ve used it in my Miau Mau Soundsystem. Also realised I didn’t know how to solder properly, which made some cables disconnect during performance…

Dub sirens

It’s not really my own circuits, what I did was to buy some Chinese toys, and break it into pieces and then plug things together.

Now… I did go to Dimofel, Lisbon, but the old men there doesn’t seem to like me because I always have questions and ask him to pick up stuff for me and he’s a lazy ass… Anyway I don’t have anything against him, just think he should do his job?

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