The ass border


Jim Philips tribute from this Thursday at House of Vans // free tickets for private viewing with Djs if you rsvp early. Holla!

Gonna carve/engrave “The Ass border sketch *1” on this piece of wood! Let’s see how it goes!



  • check comments for wip (work in progress) *

1* you can find it on my album “End 2014 sketches” *

Sketch on bord

Reference Down! By using chemical paper or whatever it’s called in english… trace paper?!

Reference down

There’s Tattoo machines for skin… there’s Drill machines for wood bro : ) and there’s skins that are brown, just like wood, this is where they get along.

Carving wood

Going! Not perfect but that’s what gives it charm!

I’ll get some wood bits tomorrow anyway.

Not perfect, but organic

Wood tattooing!!!

Wood tattooing

Work in progress

New bits, more appropriate for wood, I guess.

New bits

Smells like wood spirit!

Smells like wood spirit

Ok rest time. Let the wood wet to make it easier to see what’s engraved!

Tomorrow I’ll work it better. The finish I’m thinking about burning it then sand a bit and tiny transparent and non shiny layer or two of varnish to keep the coal from fading.

Work in progress, pt2

Just came to my mind that there’s probably a small affordable torch that I could get to burn the carved parts of my work, any tips ? I want to achieve the state of burned wood, coal, black shade! The torch should be easy to handle and a small fire bit I reckon. I’ll be researching that at lunch time but if someone would like to participate let me know!

Pyrography! Just found about it this morning Cool!

Right… ok going to leave this project and get back to it asap, mad weekend coming ahead! Holla! : )

Work in progress, p3

Back to the business! Hell yeah got the wood burning kit : D

Burn wood kit

Fire!!!! Fyaaahh!!!


Work in progress, pt4

Done for today, next comes sanding, treat the wood, varnish a bit…then screw the Punkbit metal plate label. All this will take a bit longer then I expected - not sure if I’ll have to leave this project for a few days, but all good.

Work in progress, pt5

Today I’ve sanded and applied 3 layers of transparent varnish. That’s pretty much everything, but I’m leaving this project for a few days till I get the Punkbit metal plates to screw it on the right bottom corner.

Work in progress, pt6

Ok! Job done! Punkbit plate is now on the drawing. Just need the screws! But that’s a wrap for this project!

Final post soon ; )


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