Free Angola

Sizzles I code series

Following my previous post on this tech series and following up on my talk about how your “tech skills” can help create tools to empower Freedom of information, Freedom of Speech and means for human rights appeal; I’d like to show an initial glimpse of the project that I’ve worked on in the past weeks, that should be released any time soon.

The project is called “Free Angola” and it’s an Open Music Album about Freedom - open to any musician, spoken word artist that’d like to participate by uploading a music track (directly in the app) about the ongoing struggles, dreams, news, misfortunes of the Angolan people; If you don’t know, Angola is an African country that is shamefully popular, not for its natural beauty, but by its resources, a fat corrupt government and where you’ll find one of the highest levels of children mortality in the world!

To help spread the word about it, the Open Album hopes to reach out our communities through music sang by volunteer, anonymous or popular artists; That are able and willing to do so without any border, restriction or control; for you to listen, think and share!

As any of the previous projects on this series, you’re able to follow or contribute by accessing the repository on my Github account.

Once again, thanks for reading and remember, you are an information technologist and information is power. Don’t forget that!


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