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Here’s a re-code on a project I’ve worked on, where the initial version end up looking too creepy, with all the interactions, particles, etc. So, today I’ll talk about starting over projects and a bit about refactoring existing projects.

If you play the video, on the first panel you’ll see what I’ve coded initially and in the second the latest version (where things are more steady, static and fixed. Oppose it to the previous floating behaviour and collisions etc).

As a developer, decisions like this means that you need to start from scratch and this is usually the best decision otherwise you end up clashing ideas, intentions, etc. This means that everything you did till that point is lost and too make it worse deadlines are kept. In my opinion, you shouldn’t stress accepting such deadlines when this is a design fault. You need to be quite strong in your opinion otherwise you’ll get screwed over.

Often people confuse this with code refactoring, which is a fancy term for restructuing existing code (cleaning / improving the performance / factoring / etc). This is not necessary most times for client work. Management often clashes with the development team, this because of the lack of understanding on how such decisions affect the time it takes to deliver a new solution. Requirements change, then the project starts from point ZERO!

So, the lesson here is, keep your head up and don’t accept any shitty deadlines even when they play down on you. Requirements change, the project starts from point zero!

Never break this rule and happy coding!


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